The BullWheel Difference - Family and Friends

“When I had my accident I lost my ability to maintain my connection with Dan, my rodeo buddy.  By gaining fishing access in beautiful places I am able to pursue mutual goals through our common interest.  We may have different life experiences, but when we connect we are on the same plane.  He and I are working together to accomplish the same goal, and that is awesome!” - Chris Clasby

For our week long float and stay program family and friends stay for 6 days / 5 nights.  This is a world class fishing opportunity with the feel of a classic fishing camp.  Contact us for availability and expectations for each individual.


Friends Fishing

Family Trips

"A family that fishes together stays together" - Anonymous

OK, we're not sure who said it, but just look at the faces of our guests as they float down the river, and the proof is in the pudding!


Couples Trips

Kelly and Tyler take a break with Peter at the helm.  Having the opportunity to take a vacation with loved ones gives everyone a chance to relax.

Friends of a Feather

Armondo sports a beautiful Brown he landed on an epic day with his companion!  Our unique equipment levels the playing field.  Way to go you two!



Next Step...

If you'd like to stay at camp and float with your chosen companions, please feel free to apply!  If you are interested in using our boats and equipment separately, then please contact us with our general form.