The BullWheel difference

Camp BullWheel is the only place in the world where an individual with a high spinal cord injury can independently cast a rod and line from a boat.  This incredible feat is the result of decades of innovative engineering work.  in 2019 we receive a couple of grants that allowed us to expand our fleet of accessible boats to allow even more individuals with spinal cord injuries and their companions experience the beauty of the Madison Valley.

Unique One-of-a-kind technology

The "Fishinator"

Born in the rehab engineering laboratory in the basement of Craig Hospital, the Fishinator has brought to life the dreams and aspirations of individuals with high spinal cord injuries.  With just a "sip" and a "puff" guests are able to cast, retrieve at variable speeds, and set the hook at their own command.  View it in action on Youtube

Wheelchair Accessible Boats

Camp BullWheel currently has one 16' double pontoon boat whose low center of gravity design has been refined over 12 years to ideally accommodate participants in both motorized and non-motorized wheel chairs.  In early 2019 we were the recipient of a grant from the Christopher Reeve's foundation that fully funded a second, 18' double pontoon boat!

Contact us for information about our other equipment:

  1. Single arm operated motorized reels
  2. Single arm fly rod harness and detachable rod
  3. Spring-loaded casting device for individuals lacking extension musculature function.