Camp Bullwheel Affiliation: Have known Frank Bell, founder of Camp Bullwheel, for 25 years through our mutual interest in horses.

What draws you to Camp Bullwheel? Attracted to the great service Camp Bullwheel provides to people who otherwise would rarely, if ever, be able to enjoy the simple joys of boating, fishing, and the great Montana outdoors.

Related Experience: Previously worked with Frank Bell and the North American Riding For The Handicapped Association (NARHA) providing horse riding experiences for people with disabilities.

Occupation: Retired from Real Estate and the Oilfield Services Industry

Education: University of Texas At San Antonio & Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

Residence: Denton, Texas

Other Interests: Tennis, Horses, Flying, and Fishing.

Comments: I am honored to be able to participate in this remarkable project.


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