Frank BellCamp Bullwheel Affiliation: Founder and board member

What draws you to Camp Bullwheel? Longtime friend of Peter Pauwels, our collaboration, me with the property and Peter with the experience has created a perfect fit to give a wonderful opportunity to sportsmen and women with disabilities.

Related experience: I have been an avid fisherman for five decades with years of Madison River experience along with a construction and renovation background.

Occupation: Retired from real estate and horsewhispering. Philanthropist

Education: Cranbrook High School, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. University of Denver

Residence: Ashton, Idaho and Nopolo, Mexico

Other Interests: Gardening, sailing, yoga, golf, birding, writing, art, endless growing and learning and cherished lifelong friendships and, of course, fishing!

Comments: It is my honor to be able to provide this opportunity to all parties involved. I invite participation at whatever level interested parties should choose.


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