Camp Bullwheel Affiliation: I learned to fish on the Madison River and grew up playing baseball and hide and seek in the field in front of Camp Bullwheel. My main affiliation with Camp Bullwheel is through my relationship as Godson and friend with Frank Bell.

What draws you to Camp Bullwheel? I am most impressed by the way Frank and Peter are able to share their passion with people who otherwise would not get to fly fish. I grew up around men, including Frank, who showed me that a hobby can become an obsession, which can turn into a passion with life-changing power.

Related experience: I have been fishing on the Madison since I could walk in it. I was a trip leader in college and led flyfishing and backpacking trips for college students. I founded an environmental activism group in my high school and was on the board of the Kind Acts Foundation.

Occupation: I am a client manager and technical writer. I make training courses for technology sales.

Education: BA at Wake Forest University

Residence: Salt Lake City, UT

Other Interests: Writing, rock climbing, skiing, fishing, backpacking, mountain biking


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